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NetVizor is network monitoring software that invisibly monitors your entire network from one central location! Track workstations and users that may use multiple PC's on your network. Deploy NetVizor from one location and record everything users do, including screenshots, keystrokes typed, program and internet usage, emails and chats, file/document usage, and much more. Generate detailed activity reports in seconds, view your entire network in real-time, and receive instant behavior alerts when unwanted activities occur.

Combining real-time remote surveillance with complete computer activity monitoring, behavior filtering, alerting, reporting, and security auditing, NetVizor is the most comprehensive network monitoring and administration solution available anywhere!

  NetVizor's Features

View and Manage Network Computers from a Central Location
NetVizor allows you to track users and workstations on your network from one central location. You can directly connect to remote computers via the NetVizor viewer to view computer activities, or you can view logs for users that are on your network. With NetVizor, you can see everything that is happening on your network, in real-time, with its Visual Network Overview.

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Manage Computers from One Location

Incredibly Powerful Activity and Computer Usage Logging

NetVizor's logging capabilities are unmatched. NetVizor allows you to log all keystrokes, windows used, applications used, websites visited, internet connections, chats and emails, documents viewed, file usages, software installations, screenshots, and much more! All activities logged are timestamped, organized, and searchable for easy access and viewing.

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Extremely Powerful Activity Recording

Robust Report Creation and Generation

Unlike competing products which offer no reporting, or ask you to pay extra for reporting add-ons, NetVizor can generate graphical Top-10 and network trend reports that will give you an easy-to-understand overview of activities occurring on your network.
Reports can be generated for the entire network, or just selected users.

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Create Graphical Reports in Seconds

Web-Based Administration and Real-time Remote Control
NetVizor allows you to connect to remote workstations in real-time allowing you to manage and track user activities from anywhere on the network. NetVizor's web-based interface allows you to control the target computer, view the remote file system, view all activity logs, perform security audits, view system info, control processes, and much more!

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Web-Based Remote Administration

Real-time Behavior and Activity Alerts
NetVizor not only tracks and records everything users do, but it can also alert you in real-time when unwanted behaviors and events transpire. NetVizor can alert you when users attach portable drives, open unwanted programs, files, and websites, type inappropriate keywords, relocate the computer, and more.

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Real-time Behavior Alerts

Flexible Content Filtering
NetVizor has a built-in content filtering engine that allows you to restrict users from running specified applications, visiting websites (or restricting them to specific websites only), running specified chat clients, and even using portable drives. Not only does NetVizor provide accurate monitoring, it also keeps users in check.

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Websites, Applications, and Chat Filtering

Built-in Security Settings
NetVizor has a large array of built in security features - such as log file encryption, spyware detector disabling, task manager and clock changes disabling, IP restrictions to prevent unwanted access, and more. NetVizor is fully password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

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Flexible Security Options

  NetVizor's Benefits

Centralized Real-time Monitoring, Deployment and Administration
NetVizor can be rolled out from one central computer across your entire network. Logs and reports can be viewed for any computer/user from one location. Web-based remote administration allows you to view/control computers in real-time, as well as view every desktop on your entire network in real-time via a tiled display. NetVizor can also show you what users are typing in real-time, and provides an activity ticker so you can see what every network user is working on in real-time.

Comprehensive Reporting and Activity Breakdown
NetVizor can present an accurate network-wide depiction of activity on your network in seconds by creating network-wide reports detailing what computers are the most active, activity trend analysis reports, top 10 usage reports, detailed activity log breakdowns, and more.

Protects your Network with Data and Asset Theft Prevention
NetVizor prevents data theft by logging all file usage, documents viewed and printed, file transfers, and even blocks and alerts you when portable drives are connected to computers. NetVizor can alert you when computers are relocated as well - such as a remote laptop being moved to another site.

Prevents Unwanted Behavior with Real-time Filtering and Activity Alerts
NetVizor prevents unauthorized websites, programs, and chat clients from being used. NetVizor will alert you in real-time when users perform unwanted application, website, or file activities. You can also be alerted when specific keywords are typed, and when portable drives are used.

Extreme Scalability and Off-Site Computer Monitoring
NetVizor is designed to operate on networks of all shapes and sizes - from small single-subnet networks to large 10,000+ computer networks consisting of multiple subnets and divisions. NetVizor can be used to monitor off-site/remote computer activities as well.

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